MBA Update: 2nd Semester

I just wanted to stop by and give a quick update on how school is going. Last semester was my first semester as a part-time MBA student. I learned about Organizational Behavior and Accounting. I find that the classes are relatable and the cases practical. The content is applicable to day-to-day work and the proffs really make an effort at integrating the lessons into the school-work-life balance.

This semester I am learning about Corporate Finance and Business Analytics. This semester is very different than the last. It involves more data and numerical trending. I know that my skills are not in the maths, but understanding what they mean is important in what I want to do in the future.

During the holidays, I started applying for jobs. Jobs where I can challenge myself and at the same time use my MBA. No offers yet, but its does look promising. I think that my 5 year plan after graduation is so far working out (its only been 2.5-ish) years since graduation. I am excited for the challenges that is coming my way, but at the same time I am learning to stop and just smell the flowers.

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